Escape Hunt


Date December 2017 - Present

About Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is a global escape room brand that has a passion for creating an immersive and quality gaming experience for their customers. They are expanding all over the UK with three sites now open, and four currently under construction.

Our focus has been cost and programme management as well as delivering quality over the entire site; with plush furniture in the highly finished reception and corporate areas, to the dark and mysterious secrets of the game rooms.

What we do

Starboard have worked with the Escape Hunt team from the very early concept stages, allowing us to provide advice and planning from the start, ensuring each project has its individual requirements catered for throughout the build process.

We work closely with Harrison Design, Escape Hunt's appointed designers, to ensure that the proposed design is not only charming and impeccable but is able to withstand the use of Escape Hunt's active clients. Starboard have been able to use our expertise to recommend materials and techniques ensuring that the project is as a high-quality build as it is design.

Throughout each individual site we have provided a highly detailed cost analysis and tracking system to ensure that all the projects were on budget, as well as including ways that costs can be reduced. We have nominated and vetted consultants and contractors to provide good value for the work required, to ensure Escape Hunt are getting the best value for their schemes.

Fit out of rooms

Each site has six individual games rooms that are fully decorated and themed to give an exciting immersive experience. Starboard works closely with the game designers to install the latest technologies and props to make the games as interactive as possible.

The style of the game determines the scope of works within the games room. Within our package of work we will include the coordination of specialist subcontractors, considering audio visual, CCTV, internal structures, finishes and game technology. It is our responsibility to coordinate all elements to provide the best customer experience.

Escape Hunt Bristol

One of Escape Hunt's magnificent new sites is in the heart of Bristol’s Cabot Circus. We transformed an unusable retail space into an exciting and daring site by providing a new lift from a small foyer on mall level, down to an unknown world for Escape Hunt's customers.

We were able to revolutionise the unit by utilising the unusual space, making the most of what we had. This allowed us to maximise the area available to customers, as well as saving costs by using the existing structures unique features.

Escape Hunt Bristol now has 4 fully fitted games rooms that are being thoroughly enjoyed by customers in the West of England. With five star reviews it is currently number three in Bristol for ‘Fun and Games’ on Trip Advisor.



Escape Hunt

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